…when the kitchen is missing

It’s been over two months since we learned our kitchen was caving in, but there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel: Painting takes place this week and the floors are to be finished next weekend. In eight days, we will be back in our living space with furniture, decor, and a fully functioning kitchen!

How do you survive a two-month kitchen reno with three kids, you ask?

It’s not easy and it required A LOT of restaurant meals, as a solid six weeks passed where our floors were being replaced and the entire kitchen space was no longer. Our three year old is an expert at ordering from a menu at our favorite local eateries.

It’s really difficult to take the kids out to eat nightly and it’s not much easier (on the wallet) to order delivery with such regularity. I don’t think that we did the best we could to eat as healthy as possible but we did ensure we all had a good amount of produce each night with dinner.

Last Friday was our first night to make a home-cooked meal and we settled on something easy (tortellini and squash sauce) followed by weekend treats and back to our usual GF pastas and bean tacos. I am really excited to get the kitchen back next Sunday and am planning a little detox from all of the consumed junk over the course of the past two months with a Whole 30-esque week or two of eating.

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