sickness & smoothies

It’s been a hectic few months. In August, our sink fell through out counter top and we quickly learned that it was not going to be simple fix, but rather that we needed to replace our entire kitchen – and floors – and walls. Fast forward to yesterday… we finally have a kitchen again! Unfortunately, with the weather changes, the chaos, and the weekend’s hotel stay (we had to be out of the house when they refinished the floors), everyone in the house got sick.

I ended up having to cancel my afternoon classes today and spent much of my day loading up on DayQuil and creating meals loaded with produce to get everyone back on the mend.

Tonight’s dinner was simple: Chicken & rice soup with turnips, carrots, and spinach. The winner of the nutrition, though was this smoothie:

Beet, Cherry & Squash Smoothie:

1C frozen butternut squash
1C frozen peaches
1C frozen dark cherries
1C orange juice
1.5C water
2T beet powder

I blended these all in the Vitamix and served a healthy dose of antioxidants to my family.

We plan to follow up dinner & smoothies with a healthy dose of Zarbees (for the kids) and NyQuil for us.


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