Earlier in the week, I had a friend text me: “What do you do for fun?”

What a loaded question this was for me. I had to think about it for a minute — what do I do for fun?

Then I realized the answer: Nothing.

She sent a link of hobbies that she found, because she also feels like she does nothing for fun. I browsed it but I have no interest in bird watching, art, jewelry making, etc. Some of the suggestions I’ve tried, like puzzles and those adult coloring books — all they did was cause my anxiety to spike. Not only am I doing nothing for fun, but I also have no idea what I’d even enjoy doing for fun.

Sure, this was a loaded question for me today, but if you’d asked me over the summer, I’d have plenty of answers: Go to the beach, read at the beach, walk to/at the beach (you get the picture)… and of course, date nights at the beach! Other fun activities that get me out and about in the summer include trips to the zoo, kayaking, exploring with my husband, and basically anything else outdoors if you’ve not gathered.

This isn’t summer, though, and I really need to up the ante with my fun factor. I do a lot of things that bring me enjoyment. For example, I love to cook but it’s also a household responsibility that I wouldn’t consider ‘fun’ necessarily. Further, I enjoy playing with 3; he’s an amazing child and I love watching him grow and learn. We have a lot of fun together but I wouldn’t consider parenting something I do for fun.

Travel is the only fun activity that I can think of enjoying year round; however, it’s tough to travel much when you have three kids and your husband doesn’t have nearly the same schedule. I plan trips when on breaks and had hoped to actually travel over the weekend but the pneumonia and after effects foiled my plans there. I’ll have to look forward to a spring trip (maybe to DC to visit friends) and our summer travel (Disney, PA to visit family & friends, possibly ME and/or NH).

Before my friend asked this question, I’d been thinking of ways to be happier and the things I used to do that brought me great joy: heated hip hop yoga, running an occasional race, happy hour, brunch, long walks with Brutus, shopping on Newbury Street. These are just a few things that do make me happy and that may be classified as ‘fun’, so I think it’s best that I start prioritizing these activities and up my fun!

What do you do for fun?

2 thoughts on “fun?

  1. This made me laugh because I totally relate. I remember being asked this while online dating and always blanking. One time a guy asked me something crazy I’d like to do and I said skydiving, which isn’t even true – I’m deathly scared of heights and wouldn’t do it if you paid me. 😂

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    • That is really funny! I am really on a quest to find something to do for fun — at least in the winter months; it’s so much easier to be out and about when it’s not an icy disaster outside!


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