I love the idea of having a blog that focuses on one single theme; in some ways, I suppose this blog does: misadventures in mumming kind of covers it all in one way or another. The truth is that I have a lot to say and I plan to write about these topics because I’m mostly just writing this blog for myself — cheers to anyone else who enjoys it!

I find enjoyment in meal planning and trying new recipes. I’d love for this to evolve into a food blog but anyone who’s ever asked me for a recipe has been sorely disappointed. I love to cook and feel confident in the kitchen. Once, my mother in law asked me for a recipe and I emailed her a list of ingredients, to which she responded: “This is not a recipe.” She expected brands of jarred tomatoes and amounts that were measured in tablespoons and cups, not my description of a lot or a little. I tried to put the details of a recipe that I make often in here but I didn’t really enjoy that. I’m happy to share any recipes that I use on this blog but set your expectations low.

Exercise to me is a not only a stress relief but it’s something that makes me intrinsically happy. I’ve trained for half marathons and have pushed myself further than I thought I ever could. I like challenging myself with exercise. Last year, I started to lift weights — this is an activity that I’d put off for years, fearing it was boring. Turns out, it’s not and it’s really great to feel like a badass by increasing weight/reps as my strength would increase. I set personal goals for each activity that I do and am so very much looking forward to being healthy enough to exercise regularly again. I use MapMyRun to set goals for myself and track my fitness progress. This has been a site I’ve used for easily the last 10 years.

Shopping is one of my favorite activities — in store or online, I don’t care. I love shoes and handbags and clothing and, and, and. I could never be a shopping blogger, though, because most of my purchases are from Whole Foods, Carters, and Children’s Place…

I like big books and I cannot lie — and short books and magazines too! I’m trying to make reading off device more of a priority. I have a degree in English, so it’s safe to assume that I read a fair bit (though never as much as I’d like). I’m going to try to share my thoughts on books I’m reading; some months, I manage to read more than other months. February-May are largely consumed by books my classes are reading.

My struggles and strengths around being a part-time SAHM. I love staying home with 3 — being his mom is truly my favorite thing in life; however, that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle. While parenting doesn’t necessarily cause me much stress, the loss of a significant income is often difficult for me to wrap my mind around. I plan to touch on this. I also plan to address my feelings on fitting in with working moms and stay at home moms (FYI, when you barely work, you surprisingly fit into neither of these groups).

Lastly, I plan to touch on our day-to-day — activities I do with 3, family vacations, special events.

I’m hoping these all wrap up the misadventures of mumming but allow me some structure and purpose to writing more regularly.

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