meals, feb 15-21

Our reset has gone well so far. I have been going to yoga with regularity and really have been focusing on finding balance in all areas of my life. This week, we are trying to find more balance with dinners by incorporating some simple carbs into the mix but still staying mostly whole-food oriented. I want to stick with more vegetables than meat because I think it’s what works best for my body. This week’s meals are still gluten and dairy free, which are the irritants that we have the most trouble with.

My three year old requested noodles with no sauce, so we are going to make Chrissy Teigan’s Cacio e Pepe to appease him! We are also going to make hearty brunches over the weekend, as we are going to catch our babysitter’s brother’s hockey game on Saturday and just take it easy on Sunday.

Friday: We didn’t end up making chicken piccata last week, so we will have it on Friday with the lemon potatoes and some sautéed spinach.

Saturday: Brunch — Chorizo and potatoes with eggs. Dinner — slow-cooker sauce with meatballs, sausage, and zucchini noodles.

Sunday: Brunch — Zucchini Muffins (True Roots, P 16); we plan to freeze the remaining muffins and the loaf of bread to use later. Dinner — Roasted chicken from True Roots (P 54) with roasted carrots and beets.

Monday: Brunch — brussels sprouts and bacon with an egg. I plan to make dinner early and have it as a late lunch — Eat What You Love’s Italian Chopped Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette (P148) and hemp hearts before yoga and EWYL’s shrimp fried rice (P193) for dinner when I return.

Breakfasts: For the rest of the week, we are going to keep things simple with smoothies for breakfast.

Lunches: I found a marinade for chicken in EWYL (P 243). We are going to make a batch of this and keep out two pieces of chicken for my lunches along with some roasted broccoli. My husband is going to take crockpot carne asada and typical kid-fare is on the menu as well.

Tuesday: I am going to have roasted asparagus (EWYL, P117) and prosciutto with maybe an egg for a late lunch on Tuesday and stop at Dig Inn after class for dinner.

Wednesday: Kraut, kielbasa, and mashed potatoes.

Thursday: Cacio e Pepe with spinach instead of arugula (Cravings, P79).




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