meals, march 1-7

Last weekend, my husband went to the store and bought a bunch of chicken and vegetables and we made several freezer bags with various sauces to use for lunches and dinners on the nights I have class/yoga. We’ve been trying to figure out how to simplify things so that we aren’t feeling stretched so thinly; we’ll see how this all goes.

We are back to integrating grains into our diets — this weekend, I plan to do oatmeal for breakfast Saturday before yoga. My husband and the kids will do a combo of overnight oats and chia pudding (True Roots, P 8-9). On Sunday morning, we are going to use the leftover zucchini bread from True Roots and make french toast (P17).

12 has musical practice that runs late Friday-Wednesday. Thursday is the opening night. We’ve planned a nice weekend of family meals because we won’t get any full-family meals in during the week until Wednesday (and possibly not even then).

Friday — Leftover meatballs and sausage from the freezer with lentil pasta. I will likely grab a salad of sorts after yoga.

Saturday — Chrissy Teigan’s Scalloped Potatoes; they’re amazing! (Cravings, P94)

Sunday — We are meeting a friend around 4PM for ice cream and will just have leftover potatoes for dinner afterwards.

Monday — I have class; husband and the kids will have crockpot chili when they get home. I’ll probably take some roasted vegetables for dinner and have a smoothie when I get home at night. I’m likely to stop for lunch after yoga.

Tuesday — Another crockpot meal (chicken tacos — super simple, chicken breast, salsa, taco seasoning, chicken broth, black beans, and peppers) for my husband and the kids while I’m off at yoga. Usually, I get to at least chat with them for a while before heading to class but probably not this week because of dress rehearsal.

Wednesday — Family dinner night! I’m going to make a butternut squash soup with prosciutto crisps (Cravings, P48)

Thursday — Date night! We are heading to see 12’s on-stage debut and will likely stop at SweetGreen on our way home afterwards. I’m making quinoa pasta, pesto, Italian chicken sausage, and spinach for the kids. I’ll send 12 with this for school, so she can eat before the show and and the other two will eat with the sitter.

Friday — We didn’t make EWYL’s pizza crust (P265) this past week, so we are going to make it next Friday, complete with fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, Rao’s pizza sauce, and artichokes (maybe some spinach if we have some leftover).

For weekday breakfasts, my husband is planning on oatmeal and boiled eggs; the kids are going to have cereal bars (Cheerios, protein powder, honey, and chocolate chips), breakfast sausage, and fruit. I’ll probably make eggs — the other day, I made eggs with chicken sausage, spinach, tomatoes, and jalapeƱos — they were so good!

For weekday lunches, my husband and the older two will take crockpot meals. As I mentioned above, we made several, so they’ll pick out which one they want to make first. I figure two freezer bags/meals will get them all through the week. I plan on eating mostly roasted vegetables because that’s seemed to serve my body well. I also made Chrissy Teigan’s carrot soup (Cravings… Hungry for More, P55) with dinner Wednesday — holy moly, it was amazing! It came out to be a beautiful color and was really rich in flavor. I will likely make a batch for my lunches this week!

What are your meals for the week?