meals, april 19-25

I am really excited to prepare meals for Easter weekend. I love planning holiday meals and enjoy our family traditions.

Friday, grilled brats, German potato salad, and beets.

We are doing a family day on Saturday — getting three kiddos dressed up and taking them to experience their first high tea! For dinner, we are going to make a corned beef brisket with cabbage and mashed potatoes.

We are hosting a brunch on Easter Sunday: Our brunch will be simple — Easter Pie (a dozen eggs, ham or sausage, basket cheese [or ricotta if there’s none at the store], and almond milk), I’d thought about making zucchini bread but I think I’m going to just grab a couple things at the store, and a friend coming is bringing a fruit bowl. It should be a nice, relaxing meal. For dinner, we are going to make Cobb salads with bacon, boiled eggs, and tomatoes — just keeping it simple.

Now that the marathon is over, we need to get back to how we were eating. April has been busy and we are both feeling sluggish — too many grains, too much dairy, and way too much sugar. I’m glad things are bracing to slow down some, so we can get back to feeling better.

Monday, KC’s roasted chicken from True Roots with roasted carrots and potatoes.

Tuesday, Chicken salads with the leftover chicken.

Wednesday, Kraut, Applegate Farms hot dogs, and mashed potatoes.

Thursday is DATE NIGHT, hoorah!

For breakfasts this week, we will get back to eggs and smoothies. Lunches will be simple with deli meat or tuna salad ‘sandwiches’ with tomatoes/cucumber.



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