meals, april 5-11

Happy meal planning! I planned out two weeks (loosely) so that I could get what I need from Whole Foods (meats/specialty items) and Peapod the rest for the following week. Hopefully, this makes things easier on us.

Friday, my husband is going to make corned beef, cabbage, and mashed potatoes to enjoy post-yoga. I can’t wait! We will be able to use the leftover corned beef for hash over the weekend.

We are planning a trip to the Children’s Museum on Saturday morning (after our hash) and hoping to meet my brother for a late lunch afterwards. If we are looking for something to pick at, we will make a charcuterie board to enjoy. It’s such an easy snack to assemble.

Sunday, I’ll take my 9AM class that I enjoy and we will do a brunch afterwards with pancakes and fruit — we haven’t made pancakes in a long time, so I’m really looking forward to this. We haven’t done pancakes in a while and this seems like a nice way to come down from the busy weekend. For dinner, we are going to keep it simple — and grill some chicken, throw some sprouted brown rice in the rice cooker, lettuce, tomato, and jalapeños. I also bought Primal’s Cilantro-Lime dressing to add to this!

Monday is a class day, so I’ll take leftovers from Sunday and call it a day. I’m sure my husband will put something together; I know we have a frozen pizza as an option.

Tuesday night is yoga and I like to run to Dig Inn afterwards — it is our special treat and I’m a big fan of their beets, their citrus salad, and roasted chicken breast with pesto on the side. This is the ultimate late-dinner food for me! (My husband has me get him the strangest combo: wild rice, sweet potatoes, mac&cheese, and meatballs.)

Wednesday night, my husband has a marathon pot-luck hosted by his running club, so I’ll be on my own to get dinner on the table. We will probably do something simple barbacoa bowls with a crockpot roast.

Thursday night is typically date night but my parents are coming up for the marathon; they’ll get in late, so we will knock out any leftovers and call it a day. If we don’t have leftovers, we can always order something.

I am going to try to get more smoothies in this week and keep balance with a play on the sandwich — instead of bread, I want to use two thick tomato slices and stuff it full of turkey, guac, and mustard.

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