aug reflections, sept goals

Oh, man. Summer has been a whirlwind with lots of beach days, a Disney vacation, mini golf, early morning walks with the dog, a trip to Water Country, visits with family, Red Sox games, grilled meats, and walks to get ice cream. It was really a great summer and was full of love and laughter, regardless of how cliche it sounds. Now, here we are … September … the month of having an eighth grader, sixth grader, and preK-3 kiddo in the house.

Oy Vey.

I am NOT ready for this.

I also am not ready to start graduate school. Again. I wonder how many people have multiple graduate degrees, but honestly, most of my friends actually do… I suppose I surround myself with either really smart people or really nerdy people. I am not sure which category I fall into here… I guess the camp where none of us are too cool for school!

I am ready, however, for routines and my annual coffee and apple picking and mid-day walks with the Brutus and time to exercise someplace outside of my house and big weekend homemade brunches with the family, plus a surprise family day trip.

In addition to getting into the swing of fall fun, I am looking forward to really nailing down my routine. With 3 in preK, I am looking to capitalize on those nine hours a week to head to campus and work out. My goal is to do a 5K a day, 3-5x/week — and it doesn’t matter how those 3.1 miles are accomplished: walking, running, elliptical, bike, or any other cardio machine. I’d like to get in two lifting days a week and then yoga on the weekend (I found a studio close-by that has both hot and yin yogas; so, I hope I like it — one of the instructors is actually from my old studio in the city).

My fitness goals should help with manage my stress levels and anxiety. The diet piece is a little different — I want to just keep in mind that produce and water are my best friends, as is lunch — so, I want to make sure that I can maintain consistency. I am going to start to trust my body, otherwise; no tracking or monitoring what I’m eating. I know what works best for my body and I need to trust myself to make the best choices and follow the whole eat anything but not everything I want mantra.

Here’s to meeting my goals in September!

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