graduate work

Well, the time has come for my coursework to begin. Classes start tomorrow and I am eager and anxious. I have already e-troduced myself online to my classmates. What I’ve learned so far: I do not know how to crop pictures without making them gigantic; thus, learning this skill is on my to-do list for the semester.

I am taking two courses, one through the education program and one through the library program. My education course requires weekly blog posts based on modules done in class, so I will be starting to add them on Thursdays. Maybe we can all learn some tips together about technology — this, from the gal who was forced to upgrade her cell phone because 1. Apple stopped supporting it and 2. Verizon will stop supporting it by the end of the year — basically, the nice fella at Verizon had to pry it from my tiny hands… Alas, I’ve survived and now I have a gigantic cell phone that weighs as much as my child.

Still, I am learning new ways to communicate and engage students and I am going to be posting something from my course’s weekly modules (likely on Thursdays). I’m hoping that this also gets me back into writing more consistently and about more things than what we are eating for dinner and my health goals. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with others this semester 🙂

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