The Death of the School Library Is Easily Reversed

I found this post about school libraries interesting and mostly wanted to share so I could find it again to read.

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Years ago, my school library closed.  The administration declared that no one was using the library and that it had become “obsolete” with the age of the Internet.  The room that was once a library is now a computer lab.  And the administration probably still feels proud that they are being “innovative” and keeping up with modern technology.  The irony, however, is that the school library was only ever as obsolete as the administration and faculty made it.  And, if they had wanted to, they could have saved the school library within a few months.

My school library closed because no students ever used it.  No students used the library because it was primarily open during school hours and briefly after–and no teacher ever seemed to think about bringing their classes to the library.  Students were not allowed out of class for essentially any reason (except, of course, sports), so…

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