Childhood Reading Memories

I have been a long-time fan of the library, which is why it’s so surprising to me that it took a close friend becoming a librarian before I realized it was even a job I could have. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting her school library and learning more about the programming in libraries elsewhere.

As a girl, my mom regularly took me to the local public library. There, I would check out stacks of books to read at night. The best thing about that particular library was that they had a book mobile (kind of like an ice cream truck but for library books).

(MCPL Indiana, 2019, Video)

I always loved seeing it around town and thought it was so cool; now, I think it’s such a great way to get books to people young and old. When we moved from that town to the next, the local library was not as child-friendly and so most of my books came from classroom libraries. I really loved White Fang and read it several times in fifth grade.

My reading continued when I went to the JR-SR High School and could peruse the robust collection there. I remember frequenting the school libraries both in undergrad and graduate school, but didn’t much as an adult until I became a mom. My local library is a gem for my town and I appreciate the rich programming they do for the community. Incidentally, as I both work and live in the same beach-town community, I spent a lot of time talking to those who run the public library and am ever grateful for their commitment to the community. 

Personal picture from local beach.


MCPL Indiana. (2019, April 9). Site name. The Bookmobile. YouTube.

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