Picture Book Evaluation

Last week, I wrote about the picture book, What Do You Do With an Idea?; this week, I want to further evaluate that text to see how everything comes together to make it a complete text. The five criteria used to evaluate this picture book are:

Character: This book has two main characters; the boy and his idea. There are incidental characters shown when he is sharing his idea but they are not otherwise used or considered. Both the boy and the idea character are consistent with age through the use of imagination and caring for an idea, thinking through it more, and watching it grow and take shape.

Plot: The plot of the book is easily mapped with the exposition showing that the boy does not know what to do with his idea. The rising action discusses giving the idea exposure and the hardships/questions that coming alongside having an idea. The climax is when the idea blooms. The falling action discusses all the great stuff that happens in that moment. Finally, the resolution is that you share your ideas.

Style: The book has a clear style: image on the top and writing on the bottom. The font used is medium-large and is a serif font. Each page is consistent with this style.

Setting: There is no clear setting to this story. It takes place in the boy’s mind, in town/with others, and through life.

Illustration: The illustrations in this book are muted but clear. They are mostly grayscale with a splash of color representing the idea.

Overall, this book is clear and simple with a simple message. When looking at evaluating through these elements, it is easy to see that simplicity was a targeted approach to writing when this book was created.

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