Book Discussions/Groups

Last semester, we completed book discussions in groups and I really enjoyed the experience. I had to keep reminding myself that I will enjoy this experience as well but it was a lot harder this time around. Mostly, this is because it’s December and it’s busy (the day of my book discussion, I had a meeting after work, my work holiday party, and my parents were getting into town for a visit). Personal life outside of graduate school aside, there were some positive parts of the book discussion. First and foremost, the book! I LOVED this book and after reading it again, loved it more. It was a hit and I have a wait-list for the book in my library. Hoorah! Another positive element centers on the group itself; I had a classmate from last semester in my same book group — this was nice because it almost makes you feel like you’re learning about classmates as people rather than a mere name on a screen. As for the discussion… I really enjoyed being able to discuss the ins and out of The Poet X and hear classmates feedback about their feelings on Xiomara, her family, and her first boyfriend/crush. I also appreciated the Google-ing of THOT. Overall, I really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in another book group/discussion.

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