april to may

April was a really busy month for us! We hosted my parents twice; my husband ran the Boston Marathon (so proud); we hosted Easter… The kids started state testing in April and that continues through May, as do field trips and end of year activities. We are checking out a Parochial pre-school program for 3 on Sunday and while soccer’s been delayed a week due to rain, we have that on the horizon as well.

I have found that blogging has really helped me stay accountable to myself and continue to prioritize my health and wellness. It’s truly been a gift! This is the first area I’m going to discuss. My diet went a little out of control over the month of April; more meals out than usual and with company, richer foods than what my body’s used to. While I didn’t gain any weight, I definitely gained some bloat/puffiness, so I’m hoping in May to dial it back a little and get back to eating how I prefer to eat — largely gluten and dairy free, reduced grains, and lots of vegetables/fruits (and potatoes) with a moderate amount of meat, which I’d like to start swapping some out for seafood for lunch. My goal for May is to also continue making mostly good choices that don’t leave me feeling puffy on date nights. We try to go out weekly and it’s tough to always choose the healthier options but I think I mostly do a good job… sometimes, though, you have to have the shrimp quesadilla.

Further, I want to stay with my exercise goals. I track my exercise on the MapMyRun app. I’ve been using it for about 10 years now (back when it was just a website). Currently, I have two goals in place: Run 3 miles a week and Exercise for 3 hours a week. While I did not meet the 3-hour weekly work out (feel short two weeks, 2.19 & 2.24 hours), I did meet my 3 mile goal weekly. Today, I talked myself into just running half a mile to meet that goal and should have 3 hours of time completed after tomorrow’s yoga.

For May, I want to increase my mileage goal to 4 miles per week and maintain the 3 hour workout goal. Most of that time comes from yoga, which is tough because I’ve realized that the night classes are really rough on my body — I get home around 9PM and am more than ready for dinner, so I end up eating more than I typically would and I go to sleep too late/ wake up sluggish and exhausted. My semester ends on May 13th, so Monday nights will get back to normal then. Otherwise, I’ve decided to take one fewer yoga class a week. The yin class I take is really great, so I don’t want to drop that one; therefore, I’ll keep my Tuesday night class but will drop my Friday night class. I will keep Saturday and Sunday morning/early afternoon classes. I figure if I feel I can get to a Friday (or any other night) class or double up a T/Sa/Su class, then that’s great but otherwise, I will still get regular practice in.

For our anniversary (today), my husband got me a yoga bolster and two more blocks. I’m really excited because I think I can do restorative yoga at home now and it’s my goal to do that on Friday nights to come down from the busy week.

At the end of May, my husband and I are doing a staycation in the city while my MIL stays with the kids for a few days. I can walk to my yoga studio and my husband is doing a half marathon that weekend, so we are planning to stay active. We also got Red Sox tickets, which should be fun!

All in all, I hope that May can shape into a great month for us. I am really looking forward to seeing the pre-school for 3. 11 has a big field trip on Monday to a ropes course and he’s really excited about it.

Do you have anything fun planned for May?



I love the idea of having a blog that focuses on one single theme; in some ways, I suppose this blog does: misadventures in mumming kind of covers it all in one way or another. The truth is that I have a lot to say and I plan to write about these topics because I’m mostly just writing this blog for myself — cheers to anyone else who enjoys it!

I find enjoyment in meal planning and trying new recipes. I’d love for this to evolve into a food blog but anyone who’s ever asked me for a recipe has been sorely disappointed. I love to cook and feel confident in the kitchen. Once, my mother in law asked me for a recipe and I emailed her a list of ingredients, to which she responded: “This is not a recipe.” She expected brands of jarred tomatoes and amounts that were measured in tablespoons and cups, not my description of a lot or a little. I tried to put the details of a recipe that I make often in here but I didn’t really enjoy that. I’m happy to share any recipes that I use on this blog but set your expectations low.

Exercise to me is a not only a stress relief but it’s something that makes me intrinsically happy. I’ve trained for half marathons and have pushed myself further than I thought I ever could. I like challenging myself with exercise. Last year, I started to lift weights — this is an activity that I’d put off for years, fearing it was boring. Turns out, it’s not and it’s really great to feel like a badass by increasing weight/reps as my strength would increase. I set personal goals for each activity that I do and am so very much looking forward to being healthy enough to exercise regularly again. I use MapMyRun to set goals for myself and track my fitness progress. This has been a site I’ve used for easily the last 10 years.

Shopping is one of my favorite activities — in store or online, I don’t care. I love shoes and handbags and clothing and, and, and. I could never be a shopping blogger, though, because most of my purchases are from Whole Foods, Carters, and Children’s Place…

I like big books and I cannot lie — and short books and magazines too! I’m trying to make reading off device more of a priority. I have a degree in English, so it’s safe to assume that I read a fair bit (though never as much as I’d like). I’m going to try to share my thoughts on books I’m reading; some months, I manage to read more than other months. February-May are largely consumed by books my classes are reading.

My struggles and strengths around being a part-time SAHM. I love staying home with 3 — being his mom is truly my favorite thing in life; however, that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle. While parenting doesn’t necessarily cause me much stress, the loss of a significant income is often difficult for me to wrap my mind around. I plan to touch on this. I also plan to address my feelings on fitting in with working moms and stay at home moms (FYI, when you barely work, you surprisingly fit into neither of these groups).

Lastly, I plan to touch on our day-to-day — activities I do with 3, family vacations, special events.

I’m hoping these all wrap up the misadventures of mumming but allow me some structure and purpose to writing more regularly.